Ginger Cooks

Pork Carvery/ Multi Roast

Large joints of lean Old Spot Leg Pork from the farm, Aberdeen Angus Aged Topside of Beef, Homecured Gammon or Peak District Lamb. Our carvery is ideal for any occasion however large or small, indoors or outdoors.

The meat is carved fresh in front of you onto fresh soft bread buns with your chosen accompaniments by friendly, experienced staff.

A great alternative to the full hog roast if you have smaller numbers using the best cuts creating a perfect sandwich every time. You can mix meats and the cost ranges from £5-7 per person depending on numbers and the cuts of meat you desire.

Pulled Pork/ Brisket Beef.

This could be the answer for your next event. The pulled pork option is similar to the hog roast as it uses the shoulder pork which is cooked low and slow for about 8 hours. This means it melts all the natural fats in the pork ensuring it just falls off the bone, hence the name.

When cooking the joints we can add various marinades and rubs such as ‘Sticky Chinese’ or ‘Smokey Joes’ BBQ sauce. Alternatively, you may wish to stick to a more traditional style of sandwich with homemade apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing.

The Brisket Beef gives your guests another option if pork is not to their taste. We slow roast our briskets in a cooking bag to ensure all the natural juices don’t escape while cooking giving you a succulent, flavoursome cut of meat. Can be served with a homemade gravy or ‘Smokey Joes’ BBQ sauce.

A good option for small numbers or large corporate events/ shows.