Ginger Cooks

Frequently asked questions

With the hog roast being gas, by law it has to be outside, if you require a carvery or any other option that does not require gas then we can setup inside.
The minimum for the hog roast is 100 people, any smaller than this the pig would be wasted as we only kill pigs over 65kg. The carvery and BBQ however can be served to a minimum of 50 guests.
We cook the pig up at the farm where it is under strict supervision ensuring that the burners are not blown out, over cooking etc. When the pig has reached a certain temperature we will load it up and finish it off on site. Within an hour’s radius.
Depending on the event a standard house hold 3 pin plug would be perfect but for a more secluded event we have a generator on standby.
Ideally we could do with an hour to get setup so we can finish the final touches and prepare the pig or pork before the guests come up for service.
The napkins and plates are included in the price if needed.
If your guests have had their fill of pork then we can make some sandwiches up for a later fill or we can carve it up for you to freeze and use at a later date. At the end of the day you have paid for it so it’s up to you whether you keep it!
We like to take a 20% deposit when booking the event then the outstanding balance can be paid by card, BACs or cheque at a later date.
Unless a power supply is need you don’t need to provide anything.
We normally ask for a 20% deposit to of the overall amount to secure the booking. This can be taken by card over the phone, cheque (made out to New Close Farm Catering) or cash delivered in person to the shop in Bakewell (not by post)
We can travel all over the country but obviously the further we travel the price and circumstances may alter. Please don’t hesitate to discuss any occasion, anywhere!
We can provide drinks if needed, soft drinks including teas and coffee. We have staff that have worked in the catering industry for a lot of years and have the professionalism to serve arrival drinks or teas and coffees to the table.
Depending on the option you choose it varies.

The whole hog: The hog roast takes 7 – 8 hours to cook depending on the size and we prefer to cook this on the farm outside the cutting room where there is always someone to make sure the burners don’t blow out etc. If this is not an option due to distance the arrangements will be made.

Legs of pork: Although we have gas cookers that can cook on site we prefer to cook the legs or shoulders in our state of the art rational ovens then put them in hot boxes when in transit. Again, if this is not an option due to distance then arrangements will be made.

BBQ: The BBQ is all cooked nice and fresh onsite by trained members of staff using the correct health and safety methods according to FSA.
Depending on what option you choose we are quite versatile. We have set the carvery up on someone’s marble worktop in their kitchen and even Katie cornered in the dining room.

However due to the cooking methods used with the hog roast and BBQ it is best to be out doors. We can either setup in a marquee you supply or we have got 2 sizes of our own which can be found in gallery, 3m x 3m and a slightly larger option 3m x 4m. we can bring which ever suits your event.
Yes, we are fully insured and have got insurance documents on request and full public liability.